Fragrance Refresh: Embracing Scents for Summer

As the weather warms and spring blooms into summer, it's the perfect time to update your fragrance wardrobe. Just as you switch out heavy sweaters for breezy sundresses, your signature scent could use a seasonal switch too. Moving away from rich, heady notes, summer is the season for lighter, fresher fragrances that won't overwhelm in the heat.

I'll never forget the summer I spent in the south of France. On one hot July evening, my friends and I walked along the beach in Saint Tropez before dinner. One woman's perfume hung heavily in the air, a strong blend of tuberose and jasmine that seemed out of place in the salty, sea-breezy atmosphere. While those lush white florals captivate in winter, the scorching Mediterranean sun made her fragrance choice feel stifling pungent rather than alluring.

That night was a revelation on how fragrance can connect to season and atmosphere. For summer days and nights, you'll want scents with a sense of ease and airiness that won't compete with the warmth around you.

Lighten Up the Concentration Summer calls for lighter fragrance concentrations that aren't too intense or overpowering. Look for refreshing eau de toilettes and eau de colognes which contain less oil concentration than heavy eau de parfums. The lighter formulas allow summery notes to shine.

Go Green and Citrus
Vibrant citrus notes like lemon, lime, bergamot and orange blossom evoke a zesty, uplifting feeling. Greenery notes like crushed green leaves, cucumber and bamboo lend a fresh, dewy quality. These are ideal contrasts to richer winter notes of amber, patchouli and oakmoss.

Embrace Fruity Delights Mouthwatering fruit notes become fair game once summer arrives. While rich florals like tuberose and jasmine feel appropriate for winter, come summer, you'll want to explore scents with luscious fruits like mandarin, raspberry, pear, mango and melon. They give off a juicy, lighthearted vibe perfect for long, sunny days.

Don't Overdo It Because summer heat can amplify a fragrance's projection, a little can go a long way. Go easy on the application with just a light misting on pulse points like wrists, neck and behind ears. Over-spraying can quickly become cloying and overwhelming when the mercury rises.

Indulge in an Exotic Escape
For sultry summer nights out, tropical beach vacations, or any time you want to feel like an island goddess, opt for a rich but beachy fragrance. Scents featuring coconut, vanilla, tiare flower, frangipani and ylang-ylang can evoke breezy, skin-warming vibes that transport you to a faraway tropical paradise.

With choices spanning bright citrus groves, dewy herbal gardens, lush tropical landscapes and more, you can curate a vibrant, versatile fragrance wardrobe that captures the carefree spirit of summer.

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