Review of Aplomb

A review of Aplomb from Jon at @scentedsnowdrops
Sentir - Aplomb
Well this is the next from the fantastic line from Sentir. So far I've actually really enjoyed the ones I've tried. I didn't know what to expect from this one, so what was it like.

It opens with a beautiful blackcurrant and dark pineapple with some sweet fruits. As it settled the citrus and aromotic notes come through with an airy freshness like a sea breeze. It's not overly sharp or bracing, the woods and vanilla give an almost creamy smoothness. The main notes to me are the blackcurrant and juicy citrus with the greener coastal freshness, and woods riding in the foamy waves. The fruity notes do start to fade as the creamy ambergris and woods become more prominent. The grapefruit over the top keeps it fresh and there's a lovely musk. Far into the dry down the grapefruit with the more juicy pineapple behind it stands out nicely over the woods as the creaminess slowly fades.

This was actually a big surprise, a slightly aquatic warm citrus one? It was very pleasant and easy. Not too salty, nothing bracing or too sharp just a really easy going fresher one with the dark fruits giving it nice depth and warmth.
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